An Autumn Browse Through Ravelry

This morning, I’ve been sifting through the latest free patterns at Ravelry, dreaming of projects yet to come, and comparing yarn requirements with the reality of my stash.

Taos jacket.
The Taos Boxy Jacket Pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns looks like a fun knit: lots of texture (aka no hope-sapping sections of endless stockingette), with the little leaf motifs that are just what I need to celebrate the change of seasons.

Chevron shawl.
I love this shawl (I’m thinking Noro again), but the Scandahoovian has me flummoxed. Any suggestions on how to breach the language gap?

Bella shawl.
Finally, check out the Bella Shawl from Riikka Knits. Can you believe this is her first pattern? Wow!

That’s all for this morning. I simply cannot avoid that stack of student papers any longer.

5 Replies to “An Autumn Browse Through Ravelry”

  1. Cool, Finnish! I do not know any Finnish-speaking knitters — but there are charts! Or you could put a shout out on the Ravelry forum boards!
    Off to work myself–

  2. Good luck with translating that beautiful pattern. It is so beautiful. I’ve looked and tried the translating route before, but get a bit perplexed by the knitting terms in other languages…this is where charts come in handy, but unfortunately I’m lousy at charts too. I’m, wondering…there is a yahoo group for Japanese knitting patterns…I wonder maybe there is one for Finnish ones, too…just a thought?

    happy knitting and good luck 🙂

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