Tuesday Mewsday: Oak-Town’s Peaceable Kingdom (and Why I Am Insane)

Melissa calls this shot “and the lion shall sit on the bookcase with the lamb.”
And the lion shall sit on the bookcase with the lamb...
Yes, it’s one of those rare moments when a household’s worth of cats find themselves able to all just get along.

* * *

Now, by “why I am insane” I do not mean “this particular thing has just driven me over the edge.” I mean “here’s proof if you still feel you need it.” I finished my second sock yesterday. So what did I do? I cast on a shawl.

But I’m not completely insane. It’s not an elaborate, lace-weight shawl. It’s a sport-weight shawl from Alison Jeppson Hyde’s Wrapped in Comfort. If you want to see the pattern I’m using, click the “view more images” button on the link—my shawl is the off-white one in the upper right corner. Because I am apparently incapable of reading and following directions, I’m not knitting mine in sport-weight, but in Noro Transitions color 1 (go Little Knits!), which is a bulky yarn. I started out on U.S. 10.5 needles and have been moving up every ten or so rows, so I’m now to the largest lace pattern and am going to switch to size 15. The entire shawl as written is worked in less than 50 rows—I finished row 28 last night—so even if I decide to lengthen it, I should be done before the weekend.

And then I must get back to the Origami Cardi—but I needed something new to help me build up my stamina for more of the same.