Knitting Eye Candy

Here’s the item that most caught my eye in the latest Patternworks catalogue—
North Pole sweater
—the North Pole Sweater from the Fall/Winter 2007 Filatura di Crosa Collection. Doesn’t it look cozy? And pretty, too! I don’t know that I’ll ever knit it for myself (which would involve actually buying the book, something I haven’t done yet). Round necks really aren’t flattering on me (I’m a v-neck gal all the way) and I’m peri-menopausal enough that I’m wary of sweaters that aren’t cardigans and therefore can’t be unbuttoned quickly when the room suddenly starts to feel all tropical. But I’m filing it in the back of my mind, wondering how hard it would be to rework the neckline and whether it would be comfortable in a transitional-weather-friendly cotton yarn, rather than wool.

The rest of the designs in the booklet don’t do much for me, with this one exception—
Superior lacy scarf
—the Lacy Sampler Scarf. I definitely don’t need this pattern: I’ve got Victorian Lace Today and have yet to knit a single project from it. But I can still stare at the picture and mumble “pretty, pretty, pretty” to myself, so long as I do it quietly enough that I don’t frighten those around me.

In real world knitting, I’ve got just an inch more to go on sock #2 before beginning the toe decreases. I’m still working my way through the border stitch pattern on the sleeves of the Origami Cardi. I decided to knit them both at once to spare any uneven sleeve disasters, and two sleeves on one circular needle is not compatible with top knitting speed in my little universe.

Penny the kitty tested negative for leukemia and FIV (hooray!), so she’ll be up for adoption beginning later this week if no one claims her.