Postcarding Write-Ups for the Week of 7/19/2020

Here are the postcarding write-ups I did for this week. Please use/share/distribute in any way you’d like.

I’ve been thinking about the lawlessness of the current moment: the use of CBP agents as mercenaries, the administration’s flat-out refusal to honor the Supreme Court DACA decision, the administration’s repeated failures to release folks in immigration detention within court-ordered time lines—or to release them at all. It can feel, and is, very discouraging, but I think we can also view it as a sign of our success. The measures the administration has to take to pursue its agenda are more and more extreme because we are good at resisting. They could be doing all this by simpler, less obvious means if we weren’t paying attention, but we are paying attention. This is the moment in the monster movie when the monster is in its death throes, stumbling and flailing about. The monster can do a lot of damage in this condition, but it is dying. (That is not authorization to get complacent, of course, but keep pointing out to yourself that the administration is having to go through increasingly obvious and exhausting contortions to keep pursing its agenda.)

Postcarding Issues/Addresses for the Week of 5/31/2020

This has been a difficult week, reminding us how many struggles we face on multiple issues. It would be lovely if there were just one problem. We could focus on fixing it, then wait for the next problem to arise and take care of that one. Unfortunately, problems are not particularly good about queuing up and waiting their turn. Remind yourself that you’re one of millions. What you do may seem small, but so many of us the world over are fighting for justice, safety, and opportunity for all.