Postcarding Write-Ups and Federal Rules Changes Open for Comment for the Week of 10/13/2019

This week’s postcarding write-ups can be found here:

My friend Martha’s write-ups of proposed federal rules changes with links to the official comment pages can be found here:

Thank you for believing in the potential of our country and that we can make a difference!

All Kinds of Postcarding Write-Ups

I’m prepping for the monthly meeting of my postcarding group, so I have more write-ups than usual.

Here’s the Big October List:

Here’s the list for the week of 10/6/2019:

And here’s one California write-up:

Finally, here are the Federal Rules Changes links, so you can make your comments on new upcoming federal rules :official”:

Please use/share/distribute as you see fit. And remember—we don’t have to agree on everything. Speak your own truth!

Postcarding Write-Ups for the Week of 9/29/2019

Here are this week’s postcarding write-ups in all their various forms. Please use/share/distribute them as you see fit. The more people they reach, the better!

You can find the “national generic” list with links to the Senate and House directories here:

You can find the “California generic” write-ups (all for Gov. Newsom), here:

Thank you for speaking your own truth to power! No need to agree with me on everything—just use what serves your own purposes.

Resistance, persistence, go the distance!

Two Weeks Worth of Write-Ups

Here are postcarding write-ups for this week. I’ve put CA and national into a single document:

Here are national write-ups from 9/7/2019:

Here are California write-ups from 9/7/2019:

Get Your Pens Out! Postcarding Issues/Addresses and Federal Rule Change Comment Sites for 9/1/2019

You can find national postcarding write-ups here:

You can find California postcarding write ups here:

You can find info about proposed federal rules changes and links to the official comment sites here:

Issues/Addresses for Postcarding and Federal Comment Links for the Week of 8/11/19-8/17/19

Hi All!

Here’s the link to this week’s issues/addresses write-ups for postcarding:

You can find this week’s info and write-ups for proposed federal rules changes here:

Please use and share as you see fit. Thank you!

Issues, Addresses, and Federal Comment Opportunities for 7/27/19-8/4/19

The August recess is coming up, which means we’ll have chances to speak to our Congressmembers on our home turf—meanwhile, let’s keep writing!

Here are national issues/addresses postcarding write ups for this week:

Here are California issues/addresses postcarding write-ups for this week:

And here are links to comments pages for federal rules changes, courtesy of my fabulous friend Martha:

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