FOs and Auto-Blocking

And by auto-blocking, I don’t mean that my knits shape themselves automatically—I mean that I block them on my car.

If there is one thing Sparky the Stash Weasel loves more than wool, it’s wet wool, which means that blocking chez moi is out. Indoors—Sparky will be all over it. Outdoors—Sparky will be all over it. Indoors at Melissa’s home—also too much feline assistance. But outdoors at Melissa’s home—that can work. She lives in a tough neighborhood, but the parking’s in a central courtyard, so she doesn’t get foot traffic beyond her immediate neighbors. And my car, small and practical as it is, provides a big enough surface for most knit objects.

So I drape a couple of sheets across the top of it (suhtting their edges into the doors if the day is windy) and get to work.
A novel form of blocking
Using a step-stool helps.
Here it is
This won’t do for items that need truly aggressive blocking—there’s just not enough traction, nowhere to pin—but for cooperative knits, my wonky system works.

And here’s a look at the finished project…
Looking good in a tree
… my version of Clementine worked up in three skeins of Malabrigo. Mmmmm. Soft and big and cozy and bright.

Meanwhile, sock the first has been joined by sock the second.
SH going crazy with yarn, Melissa going crazy with photoshop
(If my legs look a little funny, it’s because I made Melissa photoshop them to hide my nubs.) Now that I have socks that fit, I’m afraid to wear them—I don’t want to wear them out.