Worshcloths and Splint-Covers

These are the first two of my Mason-Dixon washcloths. Two lovely lovely washcloths in the sun

Aren’t the colors great?
Color and texture galore

I used their patttern for these two, but have been playing since with different stitches from the various Barbara Walker books.

When I was in fourth grade, my mother made me a sleeveless, dropped-waist dress with a little pleated skirt in a check (a sort of extra-loud gingham, if that makes any sense) in these colors. I loved that dress, and knitting something up in those same happy colors delights me no end.


My niece took a spill from her bicycle and broke her wrist. The good news is that it’s not a particularly bad break, but that’s also sort of the bad news. Since the break is minor, she wasn’t given a cast (which would be glam), but instead has to wear a splint for the next six weeks or so (which is anti-glam). My sister called me yesterday to ask if I could modify my wrist-warmer pattern to make a splint cover.

Well, of course I can, and I did. I knit up a version in the Denver colorway of Lion Brand Jiffy. I did the entire piece in 2×2 rib so that it would have extra stretch, and the colors cooperated, by winding up it candy-cane style, with no nasty pooling. The splint cover went in the mail today. Once I get a report on how it fits, I’ll be knitting up a couple more, so that my niece can have some choices. (Lime green will be coming up next.)

2 Replies to “Worshcloths and Splint-Covers”

  1. Sorry to hear about your niece. I wear splints permanently and often have to make sure that my wristwarmers fit over them. I also have a huge mound of a bandage that has been on there for years and I do cover that, but find in public people are more careful to avoid the bandage if they can see it is there.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I am feeling ok but keep wishing I had a partner in crime for my latest projects which involve at least 30 projects all going on at once and involving loads of different techniques that I might be trying for the first time! your colour work is fantastic. I love the cloths.

  2. Oh my, that’s how it’s done a lot of times; the wrist is right there to stop the fall, and crunch! Give her my best reqards for fast healing! I had a hard plastic cast and had all the PTs sign it.

    The cast cover is really very cool looking. I think she is saying she likes it, too.

    The cloths are gorgeous. I want to find some of that deep colored yarn. It’s fun to use the Walker books, so it is. I used the seaweed pattern from her book to do the big yellow and white afghan.

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