Sock Fantasies

I’ve yet to knit my first pair of socks, but that hasn’t prevented me from starting to accumulate books about sock knitting and sock patterns and sock yarn. My first sock book was Sensational Knitted Socks, quickly followed by Knitting Vintage Socks. Since yesterday was pay-day, I took advantage of my momentary I-can-make-it-to-the-end-of-the-month hopefulness and ordered two more sock books: Knitting on the Road and Favorite Socks. (The sock yarn stash results from the fact that I like using sock yarn for hats because the small guage lets me fit more repeats of complicated stitches into a reasonably-sized finished product. )

When I started knitting, socks were nowhere on my radar, but that all changed when I got my first look at Sensational Knitted Socks. Not only are the patterns it offers beautiful, but the whole thing is written in a way that brings joy to my “what-if?” heart. What if I want to use a different pattern? What if I want to add colorwork? What if my feet are a funny size? What if I like part of one sock pattern and part of another? Once I get going on socks, this book will be suffering some significant wear.

My sock fascination was further stoked by reading Grumperina’s blog. She knits (and designs) so many pairs, and her beautiful work just makes me ache to go down that sock road myself.

My mom knows how to knit socks and would gladly teach me, but whenever I’m at her house, we always seem to have too many other things to do. One of my LYSs, The Golden Fleece, has a $10 sock clinic on Mondays, so I’m thinking I should just cast on a pair and knit until I’m confused, then head over there.

What brought up these sock thoughts? The March issue of Mag Knits, which features three sock patterns, including my favorite: the Rainy Day Socks by by Yuliya Sullivan. (Aren’t they gorgeous?) I’ll probably start with something simpler, but I want to commit to beginning my first pair of socks before this academic quarter is over. That way, I can go to the sock clinic over spring break.

P.S. If you’re looking for free sock patterns try here and here and here. That should keep you busy.

P.P.S. If any of you who are more versed in the art of the sock than I am have words of warning (or encouragement) to throw my way—go for it! I’d be glad for the help.