Elvis Lives!

Melissa has a thing for Elvis. I don’t, but I do have a thing for Melissa, so I have Elvis-thing by extension. The Joann Fabrics up in Freemont is moving to a new location soon and is liquidating a lot of their merchandise to simplify the move. Look at the fabric I found on sale: $3 a yard at 50% off, so $5 for two and two-thirds yards of…
Elvis is in da house.
…Elvis flannel! In no time at all, this will become pillow cases.

At Chritsmas, I gave Melissa a hand-decorated Elvis table cloth.
I'm dreaming of an Elvis Christmas...
The photo doesn’t do my handiwork justce—each Elvis wreath has hand-stitched sequin berries in a variety of shapes (circles, snowflakes, stars). The trim around the center and the edge is a lovely red-gold-green metallic stripe. Our Christmases will never be blue.

Coming up:
• My first socks! (One down and one to go.)
• The Cavalcade of Washcloths Redux!
• Scary, scary Easter candy!
• The great big box on my doorstep!
Can life get any more fun?

P.S. Webs currently has lots of Regia sock yarn on sale, in case you’re interested and didn’t know. Also some great prices on Elesbeth Lavold (though the Silky Wool isn’t on sale, alas, the Silky Tweed, both Als, and Angora are) and Louisa Harding (check out Kimono Angora, Impression, and my love/nemesis Fauve).