Non-Knitting Terror

No knitting news today (but something good tomorrow, I promise).

Is it just me or are these Marshmallow Pals really, really scary looking?
You can't brush these guys off!
I found them at Michael’s and had to buy a package for Melissa. They’re sort of “Peeps Plus,” with oddly detailed, non-lifelike, fear-inducing facial expressions. The blue-whatever-he-is is particularly unnerving. He looks like a former Bluebird of Happiness who’s been pushed over the edge by steroid abuse. And Miss Pinky? I’m guessing she’s slipped a mickey to many an unsuspecting victim. How else would she get the money for hair ribbons? On the other hand, I think there might be hope for Whitey and Ducks if we could just get them into a good rehab program. (Note that Marshmallow Pals also come in Halloween and Christmas versions for year-round terror.)

If you’re the sort who likes to take a scientific approach, you may want to check out the Peeps Research page, which answers questions most of us would never think to ask.

I couldn’t find an on-line photo of my favorite Easter treat from days gone by: the Popcorn Rabbit. There is a popcorn rabbit at this site. It’s not the popcorn rabbit I remember from my childhood, but it does have the nasty candy eye that I always picked off and refused to eat.

Another favorite—though not limited to Easter—is the Marshmallow Mini Ice Cream Cone. Occasionally I find these somewhere, and I snap them all up in a consumeristic frenzy, then carefully dole them out to myself one or two a day to make them last as long as possible. My mom and sister are also good about buying them for me when they spot this too-rare candy treat.

I also loved (and still do) Sen-sen. Sen-sen is not a typical childhood candy, but I always felt like the height of sophistication carrying around the little foil envelope of the originals.

So what are you jonesing for?

P.S. Despite all the lusting-in-my-heart I’m doing chasing these goodies around the internet, I have stuck to my lent pledge to eschew dessert-like items. I had one slip up, when I realized I had half an hour to get to a baby shower (where there might or might not be food) and was feeling peckish, so I copped out and left myself pick up a Payday bar, playing the oh-so-innocent “peanuts are protein” card.