F(O)O!: Finished (Orange) Object

I am absolutely delighted with my Grand-Plan Top-Down Capelet from Wrap Style. It fits; it’s soft; the colors glow like a spring sunrise; it even gave me the opportunity to do some fruitful digging through my button jar.
The lovely orange shrug, front view

The lovely orange shrug, side view

The lovely orange shrug, detail view
(Melissa loves me so much, she photo-shopped out my neck wrinkles—can we all say “awwwwwww!”?)

Yesterday, we went on an early Mother’s Day outing with my parents to the Napa County Iris Garden, so lots of spectacular flower photos will be coming up soon.

This weekend will be all baseball, baseball, baseball, as the A’s are having good give-aways, and we can’t resist swag.
A's swag
Tonight we get the 1968-style hat.

more A's swag
Tomorrow, it’s the 60s-era sleeveless jersey in honor of Campy Campanaris.

I’m having one of those weekends that’s so lovely it could almost lead me to adopt the inanity of those “It’s all good” bumper stickers. (Don’t even get me started on those….)

5 Replies to “F(O)O!: Finished (Orange) Object”

  1. Glad it’s all — great!

    Love the capelet!
    As I type this, I’m wrapped up in my orange (with bits of yellow and red) Spiral Nebula shawl. It’s more Fall Maple than Spring Sunrise, though, but I feel a kinship.

  2. Awwwww.. hehe. You should see mine!

    The capelet is so beautiful and even has an element of cuteness. You’ve inspired me to put it on the must-knit-list.

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