Summer Reading

(Yes, I am at the Big Read, but through the magic of the internet, I can post this previously written entry in hopes of giving you something fun to play with while I keep mucking through writing placement tests.)

Late May in the academic year feels a bit like nearing a crest on a roller-coaster: an unnerving mix of desperate battling against inertia to move those last few inches upwards and growing exhilaration at the inevitability of the plunge down the other side. One of my pre-plunge rituals involves combing the internet for new (some new as in recently published, others just new to me) mystery novels, then requesting a baker’s dozen or so of them from the public library so they’ll be waiting for me the minute classes end. In case any of you share my tastes in summer reading, i thought I’d share some of this year’s requests. All of these books are by authors I’ve never read, so I can’t promise you that they’ll be good; I can only assure you that they looked interesting. Feel free to follow the links. And do let me know if you’ve read any of these books/authors and have opinions you’d like to share.

The Illuminator/Brenda Vantrease
The Sepent’s Tale/ Ariana Franklin
Silent in the Grave/Deanna Raybourn
What Angels Fear/C. S. Harris
The Anatomy of Deception/Lawrence Goldstone
Napoleon’s Pyramids/William Dietrich
The Book of Air and Shadows/Michael Gruber
The Apostate’s Tale/Margaret Frazer
Interred with Their Bones/Jennifer Carrell

P.S. This year I am still requesting that the books be delivered to the main library downtown, but once we get the cheap moving companies LLC to move Melissa into her new Santa Cruz home (oh, how I love the ring of those words), she’ll be just half a block from one of the branch libraries, so I’ll be able to start picking things up there. Whee!

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