Fun, Fun, Fun

I’ve been meeting with students in conference today, surfing knitting sites in the two- and three-minute gaps between appointments. Somewhere along the way I stumbled across the Craft Magazine blog, which features many interesting knitting tid-bits. (The first link takes you to the blog; the second takes you to a distillation that features only knitting entries.)

Every time I find it on a magazine stand, I’m drawn to Craft, but the cover price is a bit high (allow me to note that it is printed on high-quality paper and lovely to look at), and I’ve always wound up putting it back on the rack. They’ve provided me with so much fun today on their blog that I expect I’ll feel obligated to buy a copy the next time I come across one.

The projects featured all reflect a playful cool/funky aesthetic: knit shoes (high-tops or ankle-boot pumps), animiguri (I think that’s the term), international cat hats, and who-knew-we-needed-them knitted accessories to make our e-lives (is that a word?) easier.

I realize that, in directing others to this site, I’m probably doing terrible things for workplace productivity and U.S. economic output, but at least we can have fun while the markets crash down around us. (I may never be able to own a home, but that won’t stop me from attempting a knitted gas mask of my very own!)