Not Even Solomon in All His Glory

Please join me in a stroll through the Napa County Iris Garden, courtesy of Melissa. (She would like to point out that the resolution is better on the original, but that this was all that was possible on You Tube.) As the sign explains, this has been a low-blossom year because of frosts lasting further than usual into the spring. We didn’t get to see the broad sweeps of color of thousands of flowers in bloom, but the individual blossoms were as lovely as ever.

If you visit the web site, be sure to check out the Photo Catalogue. If you have time to spare, you can have loads of fun playing the pick-one-favorite-on-each-page game.


In knitting news, thanks to two ball games (plus extra waiting in line time to be sure of getting our swag) I am on the sleeves on the Peplum Cardigan and the yoke of Waffles for Brunch. I had difficulty getting myself to work this morning, as I suddenly realized that I could extrapolate a grid from Waffles at Brunch that would allow me to design my own child’s pull-over with multiple—and more complicated—stitch patterns. I’m looking forward to playing with this possibility soon.