One of the slightly wicked pleasures of my life is joining book clubs. Not that joining book clubs is wicked, but that I join up and reel in lots of great books for cheap with the new-member deal, knowing all along that I’ll be quitting as soon as I’ve made the one required additional purchase. And after I quit? Six months later, I’ll get an offer from the same club in the mail again and the whole cycle repeats itself.

The internet has added a new level of opportunity for acquisition-happy bibliophiles like me. Now that they operate on-line as well as via the mails, book clubs will toss out occasional special offers to get you to visit them on the web. I little over a week ago, I got an offer from Crafter’s Choice for one-time unlimited books at half off. Well, even with shipping added afterward, you pretty much can’t beat that offer.

Knit and Purl

Lace and Eyelets

Best of Interweave Knits

Knitting Nature

… for $52—I am in heaven!