A Class Act

I wrote to Martingale & Company about the error I’d found in Wrapped in Comfort and received this lovely email back from them.

Hello Sarah-Hope,
You are correct about the error, and the fix. We will make the correction in the next reprint of the book, and post it on our website. If you’ll please give me your home address, Martingale & Company would like to send you a thank you for letting us know about this error.
Warm regards,

Isn’t that a great way to handle corrections? I’ve decided I’m adopting this policy as well. From now on, when someone points out a problem I hadn’t found in one of my own patterns, I’ll send a little gift her way.

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  1. Gee, maybe I should have emailed Knit Picks about the errors that I found on the chart for the Candle Flame Shawl!

  2. If you find any more errors, I would dearly appreciate knowing; I would never want another knitter innocently tearing their hair out over a mistake that was in the book, thinking it was their knitting. I’m hoping that whatever error you’re referring to here got posted on my website as well as Martingale’s; I’m taking this as a heads-up to go check over at theirs to see if I got everything. Thank you, and sorry about that!

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