8 Random Things

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1. I never expected I’d be a knitter. For years, I thought of yarn as “ucky”: scratchy and uncomfortable, the last thing I’d want to have running through my hands. Now, I’m still picky about what yarns I wear next to my skin, but I can’t keep my hands off it.

2. I have no subtlety when it comes to spices/flavorings, and prefer strong tastes in candies like licorice and horehound. Remember Sen-Sen? I loved it as a kid and still do. We have a local chocolate-maker who produces things like dark chocolate bars with cardamom or chipotle. Some people wouldn’t touch the stuff. I love it.

3. I only like backless shoes: clogs, crocs, slides. I can wear shoes with backs on them if I have to, but only if I have to. I am not a Boot person, my sister is the opposite, she spends loads of time window shopping at ShoesFella, BootsForever, Footwearable and all kinds of internet stores. I wish I had as much time on her hands as she does…

4. When I find a dress/shirt/skirt I like, I buy it in every color and wear it pretty much every day until it’s in rags. Currently, I’m specializing in heathered, long-sleeved, v-neck tee shirts from Target.

5. Quite frankly, I think primate evolution has been pretty much all downhill since the lemurs. Consider ring-tailed lemurs, for example, who fight by rubbing their tails with scent glands on their wrists. When their tails are good and stinky, they go to battle by waving them at one another. That beats Mutual Assured Destruction any day.

6. For a while when I was in fifth grade, I wanted to be a boy. I insisted that my friends call me Zachary. I was absolutely furious when we got “the talk” and I learned that menstruation would be happening to me.

7. My favorite kind of sushi is sea eel—sounds creepy as hell, but tastes great.

8. I am a huge fan of Louise Rennison‘s teen-novel series featuring Georgia Nicolson. They make me laugh out loud about every three pages. When a new one comes out, I swoop it up in hardback. No waiting for paperbacks or library volumes for me—not if Georgia’s involved

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