The Evil that is Little Knits

OK—I don’t really mean it about the evil thing. They’re perfectly lovely. They’re more than lovely. It’s all really a matter of my inability to exercise any kind of self control.

Yesterday I was fantasizing about the Origami Cardigan. Today, I started fantasizing about yarns to knit it in. And, wouldn’t you know it, waiting for me among my email was a note from Little Knits about their current sale on cotton yarns. So, I clicked on the link. Now, none of the cottons waved its fibery little hands at me and called out “Origami Cardigan,” but over on the left nav bar a little link reading “Atacama Alpaca—50-55% Off Sale” was signalling at me like a kitten trying to initiate play (chirp! chirp! paw wave. roll. chirp! blinky-blink.). Cut to the chase: depending on the whim of UPS, I’ll soon be the owner of enough—more than enough—alpaca (in a lovely variegated green shade) to knit up an Origami Cardigan of my very own.

No. Self. Discipline. At. All. Yep, that would be me.

P.S. The Little Knits email also announced that their biggest Noro sale ever will begin next Wednesday. I’m currently doing a textbook review for Sage Publishing, and that money’s going to be spent before it even crosses my palm.

5 Replies to “The Evil that is Little Knits

  1. I got the email today too and I am trying to not get to excited myself. Wallet-must-stay-in-purse!



  2. Me too I got the email MY yarn cupboard is full but my heart and hands yearn for Noro even with DH dying wool left and right there are so many many more I must have—he needs another job so I can get more!! I have 10 skeins of Atacama in 2 colors one for a Clemintine, don’t know what the other will be yet!

  3. Little Knits does that to me, too. I’ve tried deleting their emails unread, but eventually I wander over to the site and, well, y’know how *that* comes out. Sigh.

  4. I checked out little knits. the only thing that stopped me is that they have a $25 minimum. I can’t justify spending more than the $13 I was going to spend on Cascade Pima Melage.

  5. Little Knits has my email, too, and the yarns are always very tempting. I cannot buy more yarn before next Tuesday! Honest!

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