Jo Sharp Knit 3

This book (magazine?) came out in the fall, but I’ve just discovered it and spent some time calling around my LYSs to see if any had a copy in stock. None did, but I’ve special ordered a copy through Article Pract.

I’m not familiar with Jo Sharp’s designs, so I don’t know if these are typical or not, but I’m struck by the wearability of her pieces. They look comfortable, they look classic, and each has a bit of detailing that takes it beyond the generic. Four of my favorites:

Quick knit jacket Wide collar cardigan Wide collar vest Wrap jacket
L to R: Quick Knit Jacket, Wide Collar Cardigan, Wide Collar Vest, Wrap Jacket.

I could easily see myself working up and using any of these pieces—though, of course, I’m already thinking of modifications. I might go with garter instead of stockingette on the Quick Knit Jacket. On the Wide Collar Cardigan and Wide Collar Vest, I might try using moss on the body, and leaving the stockingette for the collar. (Do you see a theme here? My in-the-round stockingette is just lovely, but my back-and-forth stockingette still gets a bit wunky.) Perhaps I’d try a looser sleeve on the cardigan. I would definitely be wearing the vest sans belt, and might add a crocheted loop-and-button closure. The Wrap jacket doesn’t really look to me like it wraps much, but the lower halves of the sleeves and body have a pattern stitch that would make for enjoyable knitting and an attractive garment.

If anyone has experiences working with Jo Shap patterns, I’d love to hear about them.

P.S. I’ve added (actually Melissa added–I don’t know how to do diddley squat; I just say, “this would be neat on my blog,” and Melissa, bless, her, makes it appear) two features to the bottom of my right nav bar: the “Cost of the War in Iraq” tally and the “Official George W. Bush ‘Days Left in Office’ Countdown,” both of which I first saw at Lella’s site, Zippiknits. I like being reminded of such things, but would be much happier if we knew

A) when the cost of the war was going to top out, and soon please!

B) what might be coming next when the W countdown has done counted down.