A Not-Very Productive Weekend

The bronchitis I’ve had for the past month started out deceptively, with a mildly irritating sore throat, then blossomed wildly over the course of two days into a hacking, wheezing, forget-the-throat-let’s-just-struggle-for-air state that dragged on endlessly. Last week, I’d worked my way out of the hole: Sunday, good; Monday, good; Tuesday, good. Then on Wednesday, I woke up with a mildly irritating sore throat and things went downhill from there. Ack!

So, I made no headway on the pile of student papers I’ve been schlepping about. I haven’t even been knitting—and you know it’s bad when not even knitting seems worthwhile. But I did get in some top-quality naps with Bea and Sparky, who find an invalid mom quite a nice thing, except for the sudden bursts of coughing.

Melissa came down to keep an eye on me and stocked the larder with soup and oranges and deviled eggs. She took the reversible hat back to Oakland to photograph, so I will be posting a pattern with pics one of these days.

Meanwhile, my apologies for not being a livelier, more entertaining hostess. I’m doing all I can to recapture my usual state of bonhomie as quickly as possible.