Super Model

Here’s my little friend Boaz, who will be modeling a pattern I have coming out in MagKnits. Keep an eye peeled for him—and the pattern.
Boaz loves trees and the Lorax!
I’ve known him from birth and have the pleasure of spending time with him almost every week. Lucky me!

The Clementine shawl continues apace. I got a few rows done during a concerrt Melissa and I attended last night that featured Jordi Savall, Pierre Hantaï, and Xavier Diaz. (Audio clips available at the “concert” link.) We’ve been big Savall fans for a good while now, but Diaz was new for us—and a revelation. I am not, frankly, a guitar music kind of gal, even when it’s 17th Century guitar, but Diaz won me over in seconds and had me grinning from ear to ear: such life, such speed, such range!