Reversible Soy Wool Stripes Hat—Two Looks; One Easy Knit

Revelation: I often answer my “what if” questions with a hat. Hats are both simple and complex—simple in that they knit up quickly and have straightforward construction, complex in that they require decreases and (for me at least) a pattern that can be worked in the round. And, yes, there are a great many people in this world with a great variety of head sizes, so I know any hat I knit will be perfect for someone. It’s all just a matter of match-making. (“Rosy soy-wool blend seeks 21″ head for cozy walks on the beach, morning coffee on the deck, and kayaking on Elkhorn Slough…”)

When I was knitting lots of scarves, I enjoyed stitches that produced a distinctive, attractive look on both sides of the work. Now I’m starting to ask “what if” questions about adapting such stitches to hats. Behold my first result:
Christina models one side of the hat.
It’s knots!

Presto change-o! It’s ribs!
Now Christina models the other side of the hat.
[Our model is the fabulous Christina, friend of Melissa, barrista extraordinaire, and all-around credit to the sisterhood. I don’t know if she will take the hat kayaking, but she was happy to receive it as payment for modeling, and will no doubt show it many a lovely and interesting time.]

Want to see it again? Voila!
You need to say what this is.

You need to say what this is.

And you can have a hat just like this. Simply follow these easy steps…

Choose one skein (at least 110 yards) of heavy worsted weight yarn. I used Patons’ Soy Wool Stripes, available at both posh yarn outlets and crafting chain stores.

Cast on 80 stitches using 16″ U.S. 10.5 needles.

Work in K1, P1 rib for an inch or so.

Then, work in this two row pattern stitch until total length is about 5-5.5 inches.
Odds: P around
Evens: K1, P1 around

Continue working in pattern stitch, decreasing every odd row as follows:
Decrease 1: P8, P2tog around
Decrease 2: P7, P2tog around
etc, until
Final Decrease: P2tog around

Weave your ends in carefully and trim. I used a bit of matching sewing thread and a needle to tack the ends in place, both for the sake of neatness and to prevent unravelling.

Then, try it on, admire yourself, decide which side you’ll be displaying today, go get yourself a well-earned cup of coffee, and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.

8 Replies to “Reversible Soy Wool Stripes Hat—Two Looks; One Easy Knit”

  1. It’s great and I snagged a copy. Thanks Sarah-Hope! DH must keeps hands off as I want one for me this time. =0)

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for posting this pattern on KR’s forums – I stumbled upon this just today. I saw the Patons Soy stripe yarn last weekend and it felt so nice to the touch – I wanted to make something out of it. Now I’ve found the project! Thanks. 🙂

  3. I love SWS yarn . I have made two different felted bags with it . Both striped beautifully . One was on the diagonal with different number of stitches in each row and I still a nice striped effect .If you felt tjis yarn be very careful . It felts faster than other wool yarns I have used .

  4. I just got some SWS for this hat and a scarf in the same pattern, today! It will be awhile because of having so many other projects on the needles, but not too long. Thanks for putting all the hat patterns together in one place.

  5. This is great. I love SWS wool, I’m going to try this tonight. There is a charity in our community needing HATS!!

  6. SWS also works really well with the swirled hat in 101 Designer One Skein Wonders (I forget the exact name, but it’s worked in a K6, P4 pattern). I have another skein of SWS and will try this pattern next.

  7. The word Reversible got me. I love making things that look good on either side so there is no wrong side. This hat is on my to-do list! Thanks for sharing.

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