I Am Sooooooooo Far Behind (But Still I Make Time to Put Cool Pattern Links at the End)

Last night, I suddenly realized that with the exception of a bit of mindless knitting-in-meetings I hadn’t done any real knitting since Sunday. Egad! It was a miracle that I was still upright and could form semi-coherent sentences. Of course, I remedied the situation right away by sitting down for two-and-a-half hours and knitting another skein’s worth on my Swallowtail. I am now past the central lace pattern and working on the three remaining lace charts.

And in keeping with complete disorganization and behindedness, let me share a few pictures from the winter break. As Melissa and I were driving home from Walking with Dinosaurs: The Live Experience, we saw a great twinkling of lights along one of the frontage roads. One crazy swerve and we were off the highway and investigating things for ourselves.

Entering the World of Holiday Light
We had to pay $12 to enter, but we were on a date, so we excused the extravagance as a romantic gesture.

Apparently Nessie celebrates Xmas.
Nessie for the holidays

And what holiday would be complete without a smiling tooth to remind us of the importance of good dental hygiene?
Brush after eating holiday treats

In keeping with the evening’s theme, there were dinosaurs.



Crested dino

Flying dino

Watch out T Rex

We also saw a pirate galleon that launched illuminated cannon balls from time to time.
Glaring galleon

And then we were exiting the display by a different route entirely…
See you next year
… which resulted in complete disorientation and forty-five minutes of driving about in utter confusion until we found a highway again. It wasn’t even the right highway, but it was a highway (an highway?), and we gave thanks for its discovery and gradually worked our way back to our original route.

P.S. Here are the latest knits I’m drooling over.

• Bee Fields Shawl. Check out the interplay of vertical and horizontal lines and the way the two lace patterns are worked together along the border.

• Japanese Vines Scarf. This lace pattern has wonderful lines—it reminds me of deco fabrics from the turn of the 20th Century.

• Puppy Mittens (that’s right, puppy mittens—so cute even a cat person loves them). You can get an English version of the free pattern here. The colorwork chart is here.

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  1. I like all your pattern choices at the mo – I’ve bookmarked the doggy mitts pattern, thanks for that.

    Great photos as well! Why can’t we be that OTT in the UK? Bah.

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