I Can See My Floor!

With Melissa’s help, I made wonderful inroads into the big end-of-school-year clean that my little home has been needing desperately. I live in a two-room-plus-bath granny unit, with the rooms stacked on top of each other: bed/craft room upstairs, living/kitchen/dining room and bathroom downstairs. I have a bad habit of stacking things along the edges of a room when I don’t know where to put them—and over the past few months I’ve more or less been constructing a series of concentric circles that left me with little more than space to turn around in the middle of each room. With a day-and-a-half of steady effort we actually cleared the upstairs floor almost entirely (there’s a bit of a mess tucked under one chair yet) and the downstairs floor is at least half clear. Melissa also assembled a new bookcase for me, and I’ve moved the huge collection of quilting books off the bedroom cupboards and down onto the new shelves. Now I can move the knitting books upstairs, since they’ve been getting more use for the last few years.

For the most part, Sparky approved of the new arrangements, if only because they kept me home all day. He had no trouble making cosy little nests for himself among the various items that I stacked temporarily on the bed. My Noro shawl met with particular approval. What he did not approve of was the vacuum cleaner.

I am unabashedly biased—nonetheless, isn’t he a darling?
Sparkleberry of America!
He and Bea were quite pleased when I uncovered the upstairs scratching pad, which had been buried under a load of washed-but-not-folded gym clothes.

With all the tidying up, my knitting is still a bit limited, but I’ve started a Harry Potter Washcloth, pattern courtesy of Michelle of InsanKnitty. It will be a gift for my younger nephew. He’s ten years old and absolutely convinced that his Hogwarts letter will be arriving this summer.

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  1. Sparky?? Your male grey tabby is called SparkY? So is ours! 🙂 How very cool… they are very similar in look though ours has a bit of white on his belly!

    Make sure you photo that dishcloth! I hope your nephew does get his hogwarts letter this summer!

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