Filatura Di Crosa Fall 2006

(Once again, I’m a season behind. Oh, well.)

I found this magazine at The Swift Stitch, one of my LYSs, while I was looking for something interesting to use for the crocheted edging on my Easy Triangular Shawl (I settled on a skein of Berroco Quest in Obsidian). I had a shoulder-dislocating sack of student essays over my left arm that I would be taking into the bakery next door to mark over some chai, so I was moving through the yarn shop rather slowly to delay the inevitable.

I decided to browse through the various manufacturer magazines that filled one rack. You know the kind I mean—they usually feature all sort of ridiculousness that no rational human would ever wear (wool mini-dresses with open mesh-work stomach panels and the like), and I was delightfully suprised by the Fall 2006 Filature di Crosa magazine . Page after page of designs, many of which were lovely and all of which were sane.

Here’s a sampling of my favorites:
Lavendar cardigan.
Gray cardigan.
Maroon jacket.
Gray bolero.
Suffice it to say, this magazine is now sitting near my bed and already starting to show signs of wear from all my thumbing-through. I’m thinking about knitting the first sweater out of Noro Transitions color 1, which would result in some not-too-flashy (I hope) vertical striping. I’m also considering knitting the second sweater (minus the wrist bobbles) out of Malabrigo in the the Red Java colorway, which is a mix of dusty coral with a touch of pea-soup green (I know it sounds hideous, but scroll down to the kettle-dyed solids and look at the pic—it’s really quite lovely). I don’t know that I’ll knit either of my other two favorites from the book, as I think I’d get less day-to-day wear out of them, but they’re still completely gorgeous.

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  1. I love the watermelon hat pattern. I will have to make this for the neice. She will love it. Oh, maybe a honeydew for the nephews. 😉

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