Cotton Rainbow

I’m a bit addled with a head cold, but have been knitting nonetheless. I finished the shawl and will post a picture tomorrow, once Melissa and I get new batteries for the digital camera. I polled the women at my LYS about whether it was big enough, and they assured me it was, so I bound off, but I actually wish I’d worked a few more pattern rounds. It’s nice for puttting over my shoulders while I sit in bed knitting or reading, but doesn’t wrap around me as generously as I’d like for going outside. I’m thinking I’ll get more of this yarn when I go visit my sister in June and knit a second one. It’s a simple pattern and works up fairly quickly. Thanks Catbookmom for recommending it!

I’m also at work on a new hat pattern that I’m very pleased with. I’m knitting it up in three different yarns and will post the pattern once the prototypes are done and photographed. It has a horizontal band of triangular motifs, so I named it “Tamalpais” after the local mountain.

Meanwhile, here are the washcloths I knit up in the various colors of Peaches & Creme I ordered.
Five lovely and colorful washcloths.
Starting at the top and going around clockwise the colors are Sea Mist (201), Pink Lemonaide (171), Sunrise (137), Mexicali (185), and Daisy Ombre (165). These colors have something so clean and fresh about them—I feel as if they could open my sinuses back up if I just looked at them long enough.

Melissa and I had planned to go hear SF Symphony play Symphony of Psalms by Stravinsky tonight, but are staying home because of my cold. We donated the tickets back to the Symphony, in hopes that they could profit further from them. (Clink on the link on this page in the “Program” section to hear an excerpt from an earlier performance of this work by SFS. It’s a magnificent piece that I’ve been enthusiastic about since I first heard a recording of it back in high school. Those were my classical ballet days, and I always imagined I’d choreograph it someday.) Melissa will keep plugging away at her taxes, and I’ll drift from knitting to staring vaguely at the walls during my conscious moments.