A Sunday Stroll

I got very little knitting done yesterday, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first full day free of academic responsibilities. Melissa and I started by meeting my friend Sim for brunch on Solano Avenue in Albany. Sim and I used to date. In case you don’t spend much time hanging out with lesbians, here’s one thing to know about us: we almost always remain close friends with our exes. Maybe that’s because as women we’ve been socialized to “make nice” under all circumstances, but I prefer to think that it’s because we had good reasons for being together in the first place and are sensible enough to know that those good reasons still exist even after we are no longer couples. Melissa and I got the giggles on the way over: “You can tell everyone that we’re having breakfast with your ex and that I’ve been cat-sitting for one ex while she and her partner were on vacation and that another one of my exes and her current partner just got me a show in Sacramento.” We are, indeed, a convivial and inter-connected bunch.

After brunch, Melissa and I strolled Solano, which is one of those streets full of interesting little non-chain shops and a smattering of houses. At Five Little Monkeys we got a toy bus for Boaz (more on that below).

We passed the Code Pink House and studied their latest additions.
Radical lesbians with too much time on their hands.
Tell it sisters.

The marquee at the Albany Cinema left us pondering the question of what it means to be hauntingly French.
Movie marquee creators with too much time on their hands.

Last night we got to babysit Boaz while his moms went to see the premiere of a relative’s film at the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

As you can see, he was quite taken with the bus we got him. He immediately wanted passengers for it and, lacking anything better, we gave him a bag of Ricola, which he carefully stuffed into the bus one at a time through the energancy exit. He fell asleep with the hard hat still on his head and clutching the bus.

The back of my Origami Cardi is done. I’ve also done the second of three rounds of picking up stitches and knitting edging on my top-secret project.

Today Melissa is coming to my place after work to help me try to figure out how to get my house back to normal now that I’m done teaching for a while. There are piles everywhere, and no place to put anything. Melissa says not to worry, she’ll point at things and tell me what to do with them. I don’t know how I would manage without her. (I may have exes with whom I’m close friends, but I plan on holding onto Melissa for the rest of my days. We are very much looking forward to growing old disgracefully together.)

Later tonight, I’m taking Melissa out for dinner to celebrate her birthday. I wish her parents were still alive so I could thank them for her.

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  1. Sounds like your weekend was very nice. As far as the lesbian community, that is so wonderful. I have a dear friend that is always friends with her exes and I never understood that, even after an amazing heartbreak. I just thought it was her, but apparently not.

  2. Good on you two! I don’t even think about people in terms of being lesbians or whatever. I just think about people as couples…. or whatever!

    Boaz looks great enjoying his bus – reminds me esp of my grandson (about the same age, I think).

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