July 27, 2018 Issues/Addresses Write-Ups

Here are the issues/addresses write-ups for this week.

Remember that the list is long. Skim it and choose the items that speak to you.

Please use! share! distribute!

2018.07.27 Issues:Addresses

If you’re in California, but have different legislators than I do, you can find yours here.

If you’re in California, but have a different Representative than I do, you can find your here.

If you’re not in California, you can find your Senators here.

Resistance! Persistence! Go the Distance!

One Reply to “July 27, 2018 Issues/Addresses Write-Ups”

  1. 7/28/18
    Hello Sarah!
    Thanks so much for sending out these weekly lists. I learned of these advocacy actions and signed-up a couple months ago…..now almost completed 5 rolls of postcard stamps….so that’s 500 postcards sent various topics …..I think “the dam is starting to crack”, and when it does, it will be so weak from all the public pressure various places that the dam will come down. I live in central Virginia USA. I now have a sprained foot, so I can really write for a couple days !!

    Thanks for all the good things you do, Sarah! You are a hero !! :):)
    Jennifer H

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