The Big March List

Each month I compile a “big list” of issues and addresses that I bring to my postcarding group (which meets, not by coincidence, once a month). I post sections of this as I write it up over the month. Now—

The Big March List is ready!

As always, please use/share/distribute as you see fit.

It is a big list, so I suggest skimming it and just focusing on the bits that speak to you. I know that no one is going to do all of these.

Please let me know via comments if you do use the list. It keeps my spirits up.

Persistence. Resistance. Go the distance!

2018.3 March FINAL

One Reply to “The Big March List”

  1. Hi Sarah-Hope,
    I’ve been using your list for my monthly postcard group the past few months. First of all, I KNOW how much work it takes to put these actions together, and I’m quite grateful for your efforts.

    I’d love to be on your mailing list, to avoid having to download the details on fb. 🙂

    Thanks again!

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