The January List

Our postcarding group meets once a month. The day/week varies, but we’re stalwart about the once a month.

People like being able to write political postcards, but they don’t all have the time/energy to research issues and addresses—so my job is providing those. I do get a bit obsessive about it. This month’s list runs to twenty pages, but I sort things by topic so it’s easy for people to pick out the entries that really matter to them.

Here’s a pdf of our January list. I suggest downloading it and skimming through it to make your choices. You’re welcome to print the whole thing—I’m just warning you that it’s long. And feel free to share with other postcarders or groups you’re part of.

2018 Juanuary FINALblog

We had eleven people present for our group yesterday and got 326 postcards written. Take that—forces of evil!

FYI, this month’s topics were

• Civil/Constitutional Rights/Basic Decency

• Immigration

• Guns

• Business

• Cyber Security

• Education

• Environment

• Judicial/Administrative

• Elections

• International

• Health