A Good Start to the New Year

New Year’s Eve last year was a rather doleful event: a marking of the fact that, yes, this is the year we’ll see the inauguration of D.T. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was still suffering from a shell shock that didn’t really start evaporating until the summer. But we can begin this year differently—more hopefully, more purposefully.

Whether you’re alone or with others on New Year’s Eve, when midnight arrives, pull out a pen and write a postcard. Make it a note about something you hope to see in the new year: your vision, not a complaint.

For example, write to one of your elected reps and say “Let’s work together every day to make everyone feel welcome in the U.S.” Or “I hope you’ll share my goal of improving public education over the next year.” Or write to the ACLU and say “I look forward to a year of sharing your fight for the rights of all.”

If you’re with others, bring extra postcards along for friends and take a few moments to envision the possible. Picture something good that we can work towards together. If you really want to get into the spirit, you can toss out rolls of postcard stamps like streamers. Festive!

Sound good? If you do this, tell us about it. What’s your vision? Who will you share it with?

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