Tuesday Mewsday: Miss Timmy Helps with the Knitting

Some of you may remember Miss Timmy (full name Miss Timmy Belle Bon Chance), a stray who appeared in the yard shortly after Melissa moved to Santa Cruz. (My wife, she is a cat magnet extrordinaire.)

For a while we fed Miss Timmy, but then she fell in love with my knitting friend, Chris, and has spent most of the last year realizing her master plan of becoming an only-child, indoor cat.

In case you have any doubts about the excellent situation Miss Timmy has worked her way into, I present you with photographic evidence.
Just right for girls

If you ask Miss Timmy, she’ll tell you there’s no point in finishing circular shawls when they make such nice cocoons on the needles.

Just right for girls
Yes, even knitting stops when Miss Timmy has other ideas.