Tuesday Mewsday: Tiger Spotting

Melissa and I are back from a week’s vacation—up to Ashland for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, then back along the coast with a two-night stop-over in Fort Bragg. One of the high point was this biker, who we saw both in Fort Bragg and again along the 101 on our drive home.
Tiger biker
His bike was custom painted with tiger stripes and his leathers were orange and black. I am not sure how he added that tail to his bike, but it was quite something.

We also saw some beautiful coast—
The surf at Fort Bragg

Rocks and surf at Fort Bragg

And the “Time and the Maiden” sculpture atop the old Masonic lodge in Mendocino.
Time and the Maiden in Mendocino

At the Shakespeare Festival we saw McBeth, Much Ado about Nothing, Henry VIII, and Equivocation—a wonderful new play that presents a fictional account of the conception and writing of McBeth. We are already planning our trip back for next year, as well as a week-long hike along the coast.

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  1. I do love Shakespeare, but mostly in theory. I was bombarded with SP throughout my academic life, and although I do admit to enjoying certain chunks of it, I think you soon reach a point where constantly trying to interpret 16th century figures of speech becomes a bit tedious.

    I do like modern interpretations though, ie Romeo and Juliet, via Leonardo diCaprio, was great. Me – a philistine?!

    Superb photos of the coastline!

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