New Pattern: Shazam!

Here’s a quick, easy pattern that yields a trickier-looking-than-it-is scarf if you knit it up in the right yarn. I’m calling it Shazam!

I was lucky enough to be at my LYS a little over a week ago, when a shipment came in from Rowan that included several bags of the new Kaffe Fassett yarn, Colourscape Chunky. It’s a 100% wool, self-striping yarn in Kaffe’s fabulous colorways. I took one look at it and said “that would make a great scarf in a chevron stitch!” Margaret, the owner, tossed me a skein, and I got going. (Lovely what the rewards of being in the right place at the right time can be.)

Here’s the finished product:

And here’s the pattern:

Shazam! Scarf

Yarn: Rowan Colourscape Chunky, 1 skein (100 grams, 175 yards per skein). You may substitute another chunky-weight self-striping yarn and use the pattern as written. If you substitute a lighter-weight yarn, you’ll need to add additional pattern repeats in multiples of 14.
Needles: U.S. 11 circulars, 24″ or longer (you’ll be knitting back-and-forth, but the scarf is knit lengthwise)
Notion: Yarn needle for weaving in ends

Chevron Stitch:
Row 1: K1, Sl1 K-wise, K 1, PSSO, K5, [YO, K1, YO, K5, Sl2K-wise, K1, P2SSO, K5] repeat bracketed pattern cross until 9 stitches remain, then work YO, K1, YO, K5, K2tog, K1
Row 2: K7, K3tbl, [K11, K3tbl] repeat bracketed pattern across until 7 stitches remain, then K7

Sl1 K-wise: slip one stitch as if to knit
PSSO: pass slipped stitch over knit stitch to its immediate left
YO: yarn over
Sl2 K-wise: slip two stitches together as if to knit
P2SSO: pass two slipped stitches together over knit stitch to their immediate left
Ktble: knit these stitches through the back of the loop

Cast on 241 stitches loosely (use a larger needle is this helps keep your cast on loose, then switch to size 11 when you begin working the chevron stitch).

Work 19 rows in 2-row chevron stitch pattern.

Bind off loosely (again, use a larger needle is this helps keep the bind-off loose).

Weave in ends. Block as needed.

Easy-peasey! You’ve got an interesting, great-looking scarf ready for gift-giving or cold-weather wearing.

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