Bulky Tam Pattern (and Bad Kittens)

Here is the bulky tam pattern I designed, based on Kathryn Connelly’s beret pattern in One-Skein Wonders. She’s generously allowed me to publish this version of the pattern. There’s now (or will be at any moment) a One-Skein Wonders web site. The link is here. Though I haven’t had luck getting there yet, I expect it will be working soon (and I’m looking forward to seeing all the patterns it offers). Kathryn works at Hilltop Yarn, which has both a web site and a blog.

Three wonderful tams!
Bulky Tams in Chache by Moda Dea

Bulky Tam
Yarn: Moda Dea Cachet or similar bulky weight yarn, approx. 110 yards
Needles: 16″ US 10.5 circular and double points

Note: This pattern produces a small woman’s size hat. If you would like a larger or floppier/more dramatic hat, simply add 1 or more additional decrease/increase sets and knit the body to 4.5″ inches before beginning decreases.

Kf&b: Knit into stitch twice, first from the front, then from the back
K2tog: Knit two stitches together

Cast on on 72 stitches, place marker, and close circle to work in the round.

Work three rounds of K2, P1 rib.

Work increases as follows:
Round 1 (and all odd rounds): K
Round 2: *Knit 7, Kf&b*
Round 4: *Knit 8, Kf&b*
Round 6: *Knit 9, Kf&b*
Round 8: *Knit 10, Kf&b*

Continue knitting around until piece measures 4″.

Work Decreases as follows, switching to double points when needed:
Round 1: *K10, K2tog*
Round 2: K
Round 3:*K9, K2tog*
Round 4: K
Round 5: *K8, K2tog*
Round 6: K
Round 7: *K7, K2tog*
Round 8: K
Round 9: *K6, K2tog*
Round 10: K
Round 11: *K5, K2tog*
Round 12: K
Round 13: *K4, K2tog*
Round 14: *K3, K2tog*
Round 15: *K2, K2tog*
Round 16: *K1, K2tog*
Round 17: K2tog around

Trim working end of yarn to 6″ or so, run it through the remaining stitches on needles and remove needles. Weave in ends.

On a completely different note, Sparky and Woody, the kittens, had an unfortunate breakthrough in the middle of the night. They are both quite interested in Bea, the adult cat who shares their home and who finds them both inconvenient at best and more often loathsome. Bea had worked out a sort of a truce with Woody, but was having a more difficult time with Sparky who’d become enamoured of her and followed her about chirping and rolling and waving his paws.

Well, last night the boys realized they could approach her as a pair, rather than individually. Horrors! We had any number of rounds of Bea backed into various corners or under different chairs, growling louldly while Sparky and Woody approached her from opposite sides. They played the innocents: “We’re not touching her. We’re just sitting here… and here. Why shouldn’t we be able to sit?”

At one point I put them out into the rain—which is not as cruel as it seems, as they have their own entrance and could just run around the corner and back in again—but this did nothing to cool their furry little jets. This morning when Melissa and I headed off to breakfast Bea was hiding under a nightstand and the boys were watching her from up on the bed. I’m afraid the boys won’t tire of this game for quite some while.

16 Replies to “Bulky Tam Pattern (and Bad Kittens)”

  1. Thanks for the tam pattern! Suddenly it seems like so many knitters I know are making tams. Guess I’ll give yours a try.

    About the kittens harassing your older cat – that’s just why, even though I want a kitten or another cat so much, we won’t have one until our Midnight is gone. At 15, it wouldn’t be fair to her. The house does seem lonely with just one cat, when we’ve been used to two. I hope Bea smacks them around a bit and gets them into line soon, lol!

  2. This bulky tam pattern is for a women’s small, does that translate to about a 21″ head or smaller? I’m new to knitting and I’m learning about sizing and gauge. Thank you 🙂

  3. Mara–My head measures 22.5 inches and I wear these. They are relatively close fitting, not big, floppy things, but should fit a 21″ head just fine.

    Cheers! S-H

  4. This is just what I was looking for…the bulky tam.
    I need to study the pattern, but it looks like I could make it…just made a sweater! Thank you!

  5. Hi! I am just starting to knit this hat (which is SO CUTE) but am a bit confused.

    When it says “Continue knitting around until piece measures 4′ “, do you mean simply knit around until it measures 4 inches? Or do you mean on odd rounds knit, and even rounds, knit (number) and then knit front and back like in the previous pattern? Thanks 🙂

  6. I have a question, where did you find the pattern for the dish cloths you posted under the “ART” category and what you show as the background of your opening page?


  7. It’s called the “Ballband Dishcloth.” If you Google this name, you’ll find several links to the pattern.

  8. I love the bulky tam pattern that you designed but want to make it for my 6 and 8 year old granddaughters. I tried using a smaller needle but it came out too big. I’m not experienced enough to size it down. Could you add instructions for a smaller size?

  9. I have been looking for a Tam with a bill attached. Can you please help me. Thanks, Anna S.

  10. Don’t know of a tam pattern with a bill. I would suggest doing a pattern search on ravelry.com.

  11. If you want to make it smaller, I would suggest dropping the yarn weight and needle size. Instead of bulky, try worsted or DK. If you knit a gauge swatch, you should be able to figure out what combination of needles and yarn will work.

  12. Just made this last night for my 12 year old daughter with Moda Vera Honey Joy and smaller needles. It took me 5 hours to make it. I couldn’t use the circular needles with this wool though otherwise it would have taken me a lot less time. Thank-you very much for sharing this pattern. I may have to make myself one now. 🙂

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