Tuesday Mewsday: Penny Update

I’ve just had an email from Penny’s new (well, since January) mom and am happy to report that she has settled in nicely. She talks a lot, takes possession of many furnishing—including some she shouldn’t—and loves her scratching post, especially when it’s sprinkled with fresh catnip.

I’m working up on campus now getting ready for the start of a new academic year and am so happy that Penny has a forever home and is no longer living in the drainpipe around the corner from my office.

I know I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been designing and knitting socks like a fiend all summer–and hope to submit the patterns places, so can’t really say anything about them.

2 Replies to “Tuesday Mewsday: Penny Update”

  1. Glad Penny has settled! I really must check out scratching posts a bit more; our cat is a bugger for clawing all my old furniture. My daughter (his previous mum) had a scratching post but he wouldn’t use it…

    Good luck with the designs!

  2. Hey SH-
    Elsa update: she is really, really happy in her new huge house and warm loving family in the Soquel Hills. I’m so glad for her. She has a family that mirrors ours with a 5 year old Daddy and Mommy and they always wanted a kitty. I’m sure she is well provided for. I feel grateful to them and know that they love her very much. So did I. Love Mimi

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