Today’s Question…

… is “What is the one knitting blog not listed on my links page that you would most strongly recommend I read regularly and why?”

Or to phrase that another way (we academics are notorious for asking the same question in multiple iterations), “Who are the writers you find yourselves turning to again and again for knitting inspiration, for laughs, for common-sense advice?”

I am happily dutiful about reading the blogs I link to. I may get behind for a day or two, but I always catch up—and I’m always rewarded for my efforts with good writing and many a creative spark.

Still, the web-iverse is so flush with knitting resources—I can’t possibly keep track of all the new and interesting sites that pop up. Please tell me what I’m missing and why you find it a must-read. I’d love to know.

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  1. Hi Sarah-Hope. Thanks for your wishes and Happy New Year to you, too. The purple Hempathy is a delicious purple. I had to take 6 pictures and still do a little color fiddle to get the photo true.

    I think I looked carefully through and didn’t see “Not Plain Jane” on your list. Go have a peek. I love to read her blog for the gentle philosophy and for the knitting; she knits a lot, introduces me to new yarns, she shares beautiful nature shots and trips she’s taken. Well, she shares all sorts of things. She has also designed at least one pair of socks and a scarf. She shares a lot resources and links for her knitting. Here’s the link:

    Hope that the weather hasn’t been truly horrid, and the electricity is all back on. My kids told me about their adventures during and after the storm.

  2. One knitting blog I particularly like for knitting inspiration, and for the sheer beauty of her knitting, is Kathryn’s:

    She’s has a really bad problem with one of her eyes atm, so hasn’t been able to knit too much of late, but hopefully she’ll be back on track soon (you can really appreciate her knitting output on Ravelry).

  3. I read Ruthless Knitting faithfully for her knitting inspiration, excellent & thoughtful writing, and dry humor. She has knit several sweaters this year of her own design – all great and it’s been very interesting and inspiring to watch her process. She’s also an exceptionally appreciative comment acknowledger and I enjoy having a dialogue with her so much.

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