Comment of Important Federal Rules Change Proposals

MY brilliant friend from grad school is continuing to write up proposed federal rules changes and providing links to the federal comment pages. This is important—

• First, comments left on the official comment page have to be recorded and must be taken into account when final decisions are made.

• Using the federal site to provide comments is super-easy. Say what you have to say in an effective venue without making phone calls or mailing postcards. Seriously—this is as easy as it gets.

Here’s the latest information

Issues/Addresses for 1/19/2019

Here are this week’s postcarding write-ups.

2019.1.19 Issues:Addresses

Please use/share/distribute as you see fit, and remember—we don’t have to agree on everything to work together for the good of our country.

If you have different Senators than I do, find contact info here:

If you have a different Representative than I have, find contact info here:

If you have different California legislators than I do, find contact info here:

Thank you for all you do!

Federal Rules Changes Open for Comment

This link will take you to a list of important proposed federal rules changes that are open for public comment. The information should be current through 1/11. Comments that come in formally (the links will take you there) have to be recorded before a decision is made. No phone calls, no postcards, just a little time on your computer/phone.