Issues/Addresses June 7, 2018

I’m a bit early on this week’s issues/addresses.

Please feel free to use and share these write-ups as you see fit. Choose the topics that speak to you.

I’m glad we’re in this together.

If your Senators are different from mine, you can find yours here:

If your Representative is different from mine, you can find yours here:

The write-ups: Issues:Addresses 6.7.2018

2 Replies to “Issues/Addresses June 7, 2018”

  1. Hi Sarah, I would love to subscribe to your posts by e-mail, if that is possible. I think you mentioned that in a previous post, but I can’t find the exact one. Thank you for your service in providing this information! And thank you for focusing specifically on written communication…I detest phone calls, and I always felt a bit guilty over not making calls about the issues that matter to me. Your resource is an immense help!

  2. Hi Lauren–I’ve added you to my list. You’ll get your first email later this week. I’m with you on hating phone calls. Doing these write-ups was my way of not challenging my phone-o-phobia, but still knowing I’m getting something done, as these aren’t times for sitting on the sidelines.

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