Tuesday Mewsday: Moving on Up

You may remember the Bobhus, the rather quirky house Melissa assembled for Bob after he rejected the more sensible design she started out with—
Farewell, Bobhus
The Bobhus has served Bob well, but new times call for new huses (so to speak).

Bob has been in a fair bit of trouble lately because he has decided it is his personal responsibility to chase Miss Timmy whenever she’s allowed out for a bit of rec time. And Miss Timmy does not appreciate being chased.

Bob came, oh, so close to being evicted. But we’re trying another strategy now. We’ve assembled a new Bobhus—

We sanded.
A whole lotta sanding going on
(I cannot believe how old I look in this picture. In my head I am still twelve years old and 65 pounds or so.)

We labored. (Actually Melissa did most of the laboring.) Bob supervised—
Bob supervises
—which is utterly exhausting work.

Once we’d finished, we “encouraged” Bob to check it out.
Bob is encouraged to check it out

Bob explores

A few sniffs, some trial naps, and it appeared Bob was giving his approval.

Bob says not too shabby

What the discerning viewer may note, but what we haven’t yet informed Bob of, is that this Bobhus has doors. And doors can be shut.

So the next time Miss Timmy wants to sun herself on the deck (which doesn’t happen all that often), Bob’s going to get a little “private time” in his hus. With enough treats we think he’ll go for it.

P.S. for all you Harry Potter fans out there: we have christened the new Bobhus “Azkabob.”

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  1. OMG – “Azkabob” is so perfect! I’m sure that with enough treats he will settle right down and allow Miss Timmy her time in the sun. Thanks for the lol moment today. ~chris

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