Random Info

• I am doing lots of knitting, but it’s all designs I’d like to submit somewhere, so I have’t any photos to offer. I’m working against a deadline and trying to see how many different ideas I can play with before then.

• Melissa has a blog now that you can check out. I’m enjoying her posts and getting to see the way she turns fragments of ideas and experience into interesting wholes.

• Folk dancing! Melissa and I have gone twice recently and quite enjoyed ourselves.

• One of the diners in town has a gum machine (you know what I mean) with little plastic kitties inside. I dig out all my quarters before we go, and now have a little row of fifteen of the cuties along the top of one filing cabinet at work. They make a nice accompaniment to the group of flocked plastic deer along my bookshelves.

• There is SO MUCH TO LEARN. I feels deliciously and terrifyingly overwhelmed by the number of podcasts, Teaching Company courses, and books all beckoning to me at the moment.

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