Two Little Scarves and How One Grew

I’ve had two scarves on the needles.

The Good Little Scarf that Everyone Loved
That would be this lovely Reversible Lace Cables Scarf, a pattern I picked up at Hobby Lobby while visiting mid-western relatives way back before I ever even started knitting. It was pretty, I figured I might learn to knit some day, and it was on sale for $1.19 (surely a sign from the fiber gods that I was meant to purchase it!).
Blue scarf in progress
This scarf makes me very happy. I have to stop after every set of four rows to stroke it and marvel at its reversible loveliness (six rows of mock cables on one side, five on the other, but completely identical aside from that one difference). How did the designer figure this stitch out? By the time I’ve knit up the entire scarf will the stitch make enough sense to me that I’ll be able to employ it in others kinds of garments: a reversible shawl, say?

The yarn I’m working with adds to the pleasure: Zitron Trekking Hand Art, which comes in nice, fat 462 yard skeins. Now, I am not a blue person. Oranges, yes. Green, yes. Red and yellow and purple, yes. But blue? It’s usually not even on my radar. But how could I resist this colorway? The royal blue is deep, deep, deep, and the turquoise just shoots through it star-like in twinkling little bursts. I’ve got this yarn stashed in several other colorways and am quite pleased that I had the good sense to purchase it when I did.

The Bad, Bad Scarf that Wasn’t Loved At All
Really, I have tried, but my heart is hardened against this scarf; I do not love it and I never will.
Lacy green scarf in progress
The pattern is simple, but perfectly nice, Miss Crazy from Die Wollust. The yarn is a crunchy, refreshing celery-colored raw silk from Habu. But put them together and what do you get? Raging boredom and a limp, nothing of a knit.

That is why I began my morning by frogging the entire thing. Sometimes frogging can be a bittersweet affair, but I unraveled this baby with all the carelessness of a cold-hearted gold-digger giving the brush-off to a doddering octogenarian. Now I have the thrill of thinking up all sorts of new things I can do with this yarn. Combine it with sock weight and knit a shawl in alternating strips of one yarn and both? Knit some lace for a sexy boudoir pillow? Really, I have no idea. But possibility is, oh, so much nicer than the reality that was that scarf just a few hours ago.

2 Replies to “Two Little Scarves and How One Grew”

  1. Nice to see you back. I love the shawl in the 3rd post down, its beautiful. Is that the Habu Tsun-something or other? I have 2 cones of black that I am going to use one day, maybe a kimono shawl.

  2. Would the reversible lace cables go with a Mobius Scarf? I would like to do a mobius but with more than a simple pattern stitch.

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