Tuesday Mewsday: Cat-Walk Models

Do you recognize the models for these Blogiversary Raffle buttons?

Here’s Beatrice, blending mysteriously into the fabric of the time-space continuum.
What If Knits Blogiversary
That’s her patented just-because-you-feed-me-doesn’t-mean-I-trust-you glare.

And this is our dear, departed Woody, doing his bit to help out the kitties who haven’t yet crossed over the rainbow bridge.
What If Knits Blogiversary
This picture is a detail from one of Melissa’s lino-block prints. While hiking across northern Spain during the fall ’06, she drew a little sketch of what she imagined life would be like with me along on the journey: a knapsack full of yarn and playful kittens bounding about alongside me. (If you win the print part of the drawing, the full picture is one of the three you can choose among. Meanwhile, you can see it here.)

Do help yourself to a button (or two!) if you’d like. If you want to link back to the Blogiversary Raffle rules, use this address


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