• Check out this cute (free!) Poet’s Pullover pattern from Wonk’s Works.

Poet's Pullover

Isn’t it great? The whole thing is so simple, yet each part of it—neckline, ribbing, sleeves—is distinct.

• I may have to go in for jury duty this afternoon, so I was scrambling like crazy this morning trying to root out one of my long-abandoned embroidery projects to take along—no knitting needles allowed in court!

• For those of you who wanted a link to the afghan pattern I posted about on 3/25, I’ve added one. Or you can just click here.

• You may also want to check out Moth Heaven‘s intarsia in the round tutorial. At first it kind of makes your brain hurt, but then the dawn of understanding begins creeping over the horizon—and before you know it, you’re dreaming up whole new worlds of knitting possibilities. I have an abandoned design/knitting project in my “unmentionables” drawer that has been waiting for just this bit of information.

4 Replies to “Quickie”

  1. Okay. Now I’m scared. Not only did we make the Aran shrug at the same time, but I printed out this pattern yesterday and am deciding between it and my Krista T for my next project.

  2. You are telling me that you can take really sharp pointy embroidery needles into the courthouse, but not (for example) wooden knitting needles??

    If so, that’s really twisted. I could probably kill someone with an embroidery needle to the heart (don’t let me in YOUR courthouse!).

    My preteen daughter and I both would like that sweater (except she’d like more fitted sleeves, I’m sure). I hadn’t seen it yet, Ms. Pattern Purveyor, ma’am, thanks for the point-out! But I’m already making her the Simple Knitted Bodice — she likes the lace inset. Well, I’ve STARTED the SKB; just been pushed off the top of the queue by other things, but I think I’ll take it to my knitting retreat weekend after this. That’ll be a good project (that I can talk during, or drink a glass or two of wine — other than during the lace part!). Along with Dragone, and something little. Hmm. Appropriate knitting selection, very important.

  3. I take tatting to jury duty; the shuttles never cause any trouble! ( I once had to check a package of #24 tapestry needles with all the other forbidden metal objects before entering a courthouse.)

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