Tuesday Mewsday: Kittens… Kittens Everywhere

So back in the day (as my students put it), before I got bit by the knitting bug and still had time for sewing quilts, I pieced this vivid number.
The second quilt
Can you spot the square that features a cat doing a handstand on an elephant’s back?

I purchased a kit for the star blocks on ebay. Most of the other fabrics came from Blythe Designs, an on-line fabric store that specialized in cat prints, which unfortunately has gone out of business. Blythe Designs started up before the internet boom and was originally a mail-order company. You could send them seven dollars and they’d send you swatches of the newest cat fabrics, after which you could, of course, order larger cuts. Many of my swatches made it into this quilt, along with slices from various fat quarters I’d amassed.

The second quilt, detail
In the upper left, you can see one of my favorite prints—wild-eyed black kittens bouncing on pillows.