To Do

• The Clementine Shawl still awaits grafting.

• The top-secret gift project is some edging and two side seams from completion (and has been at this point for far too long now).

• I haven’t worked on the Origami Cardi in weeks.

• I have been playing with some simple design ideas using dishcloth cotton.

• I’m also playing with a more complicated idea that sort of answers the question “what would happen if a dishcloth went on growth hormone?”

• I’m signed up for Dishrag Tag and Mystery Stole 3.

• And because that isn’t enough to do, yesterday I started a scarf just so I could see how one of the hand-dyed skeins from Tall Grass Yarns works up. (And how does it look?: pretty and bright and quite nice. Pic this weekend, along with pattern info.)

• I have discarded all the obscure foodstuffs that I didn’t get bagged before the termite tenting, but now I need to wash out the empty containers, so I can put them in recycling.

• As long as I’m at it, I should probably see what I can do about relocating the yarn that I’ve been shoving into the pantry cupboard just to keep it out of Sparky’s paws.

• I need to unpack from my trip to my sister’s home.

• I have to do at least some cleaning before my niece comes for a three-night stay. (I loved staying with my Grandma when I was little, but I was always a bit afraid too, as she’d pretty much given up on battling cobwebs and there were daddy long-legs in all sorts of corners. When I was a kid, all spiders terrified me. I can now comfortably face—and relocate—daddy long-legs, but anything larger still makes my stomach lurch and my hands sweat. At any rate, I don’t want my niece to consider a visit to my home a mixed blessing.)

2 Replies to “To Do”

  1. Do like your knitting projects at the moment, esp the Origami cardie!

    And I share your dislike of spiders… though daddy long-legs are just about ok by me, enormous house spiders are enough to make me hyperventilate and leave home. Eeek and yuck.

  2. Welcome to MS3! I’m having fun with my stole, although it’s much more difficult than the dishrag! Cathy (from our team) is doing it, too.


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