Portland, Orgeon

Rain. Beautiful, beautiful rain. Not heavy, for the most part, but gentle and regular. Melissa and I are off to Cascade Gorge today, ready to muddly our feet tromping about looking at watery loveliness.

Yesterday we did a quick tour of a few yarn shops in eastern Portland: The Yarn Garden, Mabel’s Knittery, and Knittn’ Kitten. I’ll write more about these on my return when I can add pics, but for now let me say that each was a pleasure in its own way. Yarn Garden was the largest, with an immense inventory of both books and yarn. Mabel’s Knittery gets the prize for friendliest service. The yarn selection is smaller, but good. If I lived in Portland, this would be my hanging-out and knitting place (it helps that they also have a little cafe and plenty of sitting room). Knittn’ Kitten is more thrift shop than yarn store, but I had fun sifting through its offerings, which besides yarn (a smallish, uneven collection) included fabric, buttons, beads, vintage linens, and needlework magazines from the 50s and forward.

Tomorrow, we head over to the coast and down Highway 1. We are in search of a carousel that has cats with fish in their mouths. If we find it, I’ll be sure to get photos.

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  1. If you get a chance, check out Close Knit on the Northeast (?) side. I didn’t get a chance to really explore it (ran in for an emergency needle) but it seemed to have a nice selection and the lady was very nice.

    One of my friends use to live in OR. Now she live in L.A. I’m going to miss visiting her there.

  2. Total non sequiturs to your posting.

    Try not to forget the Perseid meteor shower. A NASA friend says they are supposed to be very good this year. The night is August 12, with a new moon. Try to go somewhere dark and dry.
    Have been following your northward trek with interest. Will tell you all about the Bismarck Archipelago, the Admiralty Islands, and Bougainville when we next get together.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about the Perseids! We’ve got it on our calendar (very glad it’s on a Sunday) and are discussing possible viewing locations.

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