Road Trip!

Tomorrow I’ll be up early, early, early to head to Melissa’s so we can start our road trip. Things would be easier, no doubt, if I drove up there tonight, but I am doing some anticipatory kitty-missing and desperately want one more night with Sparky and Bea before I head off for a mostly catless week. My recent comings and goings have left them a bit clingy and affection starved (and, let me tell you, my cats are seldom clingy), and I want to get in a few extra cuddles.

One of the little girls next door will be doing cat feeding, which should please Sparky no end—he already considers the neighbors extended family and their daughters as fellow kittens, despite their bizarre insistance on walking on only two legs.

Bea will not like it, but Bea dislikes many things.

We’ll be taking along the camera and the laptop, so I’ll post when I can. Melissa is bringing all her lino-block carving supplies in addition to the usual compliment of sketchbooks, which means I’m free to pack insane amounts of yarn and knitting projects.

I’ve picked up all sorts of tips on Portland Yarn Shops over at the Knitter’s Review Forums, so if you live in northern Oregon and hear sudden squealings of tires in the next week or so, it’s probably just me, grabbing the wheel and pulling us over for a yarn fix.