Tuesday Mewsday: Miss Timmy Pays a Visit

Miss Timmy has definitely decided that she’s Chris’s cat. And to seal the deal she paid a visit one recent rainy evening.

There’s nothing like a soft bed to inspire a bit of grooming.
Timmy inside

Be careful Miss Timmy—don’t fall off!
Timmy inside

Then she had to have a look through the window that she meows outside of when she wants attention.
Timmy inside
“Oh, so this is where the nice lady comes from!”

She’s stayed outside since then, but we’re glad to know that she knows she’s welcome.

November 17 2009 10:06 am | Uncategorized

One Response to “Tuesday Mewsday: Miss Timmy Pays a Visit”

  1. Chris on 17 Nov 2009 at 10:34 am #

    Aww. My baby girl.
    She actually has started coming in every couple days, wanders around a bit (we call it ‘dusting’ when she goes behind the furniture) and then goes back out in a few minutes when she sees nothing exciting.
    I expect with the next rain she’ll want to stay longer.

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