The Less Time for Knitting, the Longer the Queue

I just saw InsanKnitty’s excellent version of Grrr from Knitty and had to put it in my Ravelry queue.

Turns out it was item number 421, and my queue has now officially reached the nine-page mark. If only my needles could keep pace with my imagination!

April 05 2008 07:52 am | Uncategorized

One Response to “The Less Time for Knitting, the Longer the Queue”

  1. Cathy-Cate on 05 Apr 2008 at 9:55 am #

    Fortunately, Casey promises to come out with a queue organization tool soon….

    I only put things in my queue that I really think I’m going to knit soon, but now I’m trying to figure out where I saw a shawl in the last week or two in blogland that would work for a slow color change yarn….if it had been on Rav, I would have at least favorited it, dang.

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