Self-Discovery in 1980

Tuesday Nights in 1980, by Molly Prentiss, (Gallery/Scout Press, Simon & Schuster), 336 pages, release date 5 April, 2016.

Tuesday Nights in 1980 was released in April, so you may not find it on the “New Fiction” table of your local independent bookstore, but it’s definitely worth seeking out on the shelves. This is a character-driven novel—though there’s plenty of plot as well. An art critic, an artist, and a young woman new to New York City (the novel’s setting) are gradually drawn together through connections of both affection and conflict. As we get to know these characters, they are also getting to know themselves, which makes for a satisfying, voyage of discovery. This is Molly Prentiss’ first novel, and I hope there will be many more.

If you’re interested in art, if you’re interested in character-driven fiction, in you’re interested in reflecting on life in the 80s, this is a book you should move to the top of your to-read list.

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